“Care Free” Package

Leave everything that has to do with your property to us – you simply get a direct deposit every month with a detailed statement making tax time an ease.

“Rent My House For Me” Package

Hire us to advertise, screen potential tenants and ultimately sign qualified tenants to a tailored lease.  Our website and years of experience will help make sure suitable tenants are found quickly.

“No more phone calls” Package

Maybe you still want to be involved with the finances and bookkeeping, but you hate it when tenants call and need something.  With this package tenants call our property managers 24/7 leaving the headaches with us – not you.

“Help Me Buy An Investment Property” Package

With our experience of both buying and managing investment properties, we can help you crunch the numbers, point out what to look for, and  introduce the right real estate professional that can make it all happen.